The HSQ is Back!

The Hughes-Smith Quintet will be playing a week at THE DIRTY DOG JAZZ CAFE! Come on out and celebrate life with us!!!

July 14, 15, 16, & 17...seating starts at 6pm

Reservations highly recommended

View details and make reservations here…


Stitt's It!

I have moved on to phase TWO of my transcription project: SONNY STITT

I have started off with a relatively easy blues (in Db) to get a baseline of some of Sonny's language. "Blues for Pres, Sweets, Ben, and All…



I have my last installment of my Cannonball transcription project and this one is a burner! It comes from a bonus track of a reissue of his second recording "Them Dirty Blues." It's a live cut and possibly one of…


In The Woodshed

I am in the middle of a transcription project inspired by NYC pianist/educator David Hazeltine. His method of solo transcription and analysis has intrigued me for a while, but I have never had the time to dive into it until…

Honoring the Music of CURTIS FULLER

Our monthly Cliff Bells Jam will honor the music of trombone legend CURTIS FULLER.

We play at Cliff Bells on Wednesday Dec 4, 8-11:30pm.

Jimmy Smith and I are very excited to be welcoming Detroit's own Vincent Chandler to our…

The Music of Herbie Hancock

This month at Cliff Bells we will be offering up a set of music featuring 1960s compositions by vanguard pianist HERBIE HANCOCK.

As many of you know, Jimmy Smith and I host a monthly jam on the first Wednesday at…


The "James & Jimmy" Jam is back! After a summer long hiatus, we have regrouped and are ready to come out swinging!

It was sad to see our Wednesday home at The Black Lotus fold up, but it provided…

New Recording!

"The Gates" is out!

My new sextet record is finally out. I collaborated with Jimmy Smith (trumpet, DET) and John Yao (trombone, NYC).

Backing us up is a swinging rhythm section: Corey Kendrick (piano), Jeff Pedraz (bass), and Nick Collins…


There Goes Another Year

Time seems to run downhill after September and 2018 is coming to a close. We have one more month to, close the gap....ok, maybe start some of those New Year's resolutions from eleven months ago.  Let me tell how…

2018 Detroit Jazz Festival

The HSQ is super excited to be playing a set at the Detroit Jazz Festival! Everyone in the quintet has had a very busy year and involved in many diverse endeavors that we don't get to play together as much…

Junior Cook Transcription


Tonight we will be performing music from Blue Mitchell's classic Blue Note album THE THING TO DO at The Black Lotus Brewery in Clawson. So I thought I would share my transcription of tenor Saxophonist Junior Cook's solo on "Step…

The Reviews are In! All About Jazz Reviews MOTION

The HSQ's latest recording MOTION has been out for a few months and reviews are trickling in. The most recent is from the acclaimed website All About Jazz.

Check them out!


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