The HSQ's Third Album MOTION is Here!

The Hughes/Smith Quintet is very happy to announce that our third SELF-RELEASED album is finally here! We called it "MOTION" because that's where we are at, in a state of constant motion. We built it from the ground up, got it running and are enjoying the ride.

It features the same stellar rhythm section of Phil Kelly (piano & fender rhodes), Takashi Iio (bass), and Nate Winn (drums). Their playing individually and collectively is spectacular, and I am so grateful for their contributions and dedication to this project. We enlisted Mark Byerly to record us again and he knocked it out of the park again! Mark has such a great ear and affinity for our sound, it was very comforting working with him again. This time around we took the mixed tracks to the amazing and storied Mastering Engineer Don Grossing. Don has mastered scads of Grammy Award nominees and winners through his career including Branford Marsalis, Miles Davis and The Rolling Stones. It is such an honor having his finishing touch on our record!

The album is 10 tracks of all originals and mixes several influences like funk, R&B and the avant garde with our foundation: Detroit Be Bop. We have put our hearts and should into this one and am sure you will enjoy listening to it! 

Check us out at Cliff Bells FEBRUARY 2, 9pm for our CD Relaese Party and pick up your hard copy..we'll sign a copy for you :)

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