2018 Detroit Jazz Festival

The HSQ is super excited to be playing a set at the Detroit Jazz Festival! Everyone in the quintet has had a very busy year and involved in many diverse endeavors that we don't get to play together as much as we would like. But we are coming together for this one! We had a fantastic rehearsal last night and are ready to take the stage. Most of our rehearsing is actually conversing and catching up, but we took care of all the necessary spots, lol! We have a very ambitious set planned, we would love to see you out there. Here is a link to the festival website:DETROIT JAZZ FESTIVAL

We play on Saturday September 1, 3:30-4:45pm at the Pyramid Stage and will be signing CDs from 5-5:45pm. Come on through! If you have never been, it's a wonderful festival that is completely free!!! If you've been there before, you know how amazing it is to have so much world class talent performing all over from noon to midnight. There is nothing quite like it in the entire world. The vibe downtown Detroit is unlike any other time in the city, too...definitely worth your time :)


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