Apps for Practicing

Nothing is better than time spent with your instrument practicing the things that need working out.  Technical facility is something that always needs developing, refining and matter the age, stage or phase of life we are in.  Here are some of the apps I use on a regular basis and recommend to my students:

1. ProMetronome.  We all have a metronome, but this one can be with you at all times and doesn't need batteries...besides it's free!

2. n-TrackTuner.  An accurate tuner that gets the job done, also free!

3. iRealPro.  It's an app that plays the chord changes to over 1,000 tunes with bass, piano and drum sounds.  Great for working on improvising and memorizing tunes as well as "cheat sheets" for gigs.  It can change keys, tempi and number of repeats.  It can even transpose after each chorus if you want to take Cherokee through 12 keys or whatever.  It costs a little $, but is totally worth every penny!

4.  UnReal Book.  I use this to upload all my PDFs of charts I have written.  Searching for charts is quick and you can even make set lists.  I have over 500 in nice not to have to carry a huge binder full of charts spilling out everywhere.

In addition to these apps, I use the Stopwatch function on my iPhone constantly to monitor my practice time as well as the Notes app to journal my practicing.  I also use the Voice Memos function to record snippets of an exercise or tune for later review and reflection.

Well, I hope this helps and inspires you to hit the woodshed!